Mt. Bodega-nja …Porcfest 2021

Mt. Bodega-nja …Porcfest 2021

Back in June, I was at the annual FSP campout Porcfest an event that over the years has become a tradition for our crew, and a great opportunity to engage in the pursuit of Liberty.


It was sort of last minute, but while a little zooted, I decided that I would set up a “bodega” inspired food tent at this year’s highly anticipated, big campout.


During the year, I will make frequent trips to New York City, and while there, will tend to eat at the many ubiquitous Bodegas/ Organic Delis.


if you’re not familiar, a “bodega” is a Spanish language word which basically means store.


I gotta tell ya, it’s truly amazing how many items they cann fit into a room with such a small square footage. It’s like a tiny supah-market.


and somehow they manage to keep in stock, literally everything you might need in your tiny home size standard New York City Apartment.


you know … the necessities.


i.e. light bulbs, cat food, plastic cups, weed, cigars, rolling papers, Japanese desserts, Mr Clean magic erasers..etc


More importantly, these NYC Organic deli’s have every single sandwich you’ve probably ever heard of


and for some reason they’re the most delicious version you’ve probably ever had as well.


In all fairness, I don’t know how they get their food to be so consistently good actually. I try not think about it too much, I just order more and keep enjoying it.


I remember a bunch of years ago, it seemed that the emerging trend was that the Bodegas all sort of adopted the phrase “organic deli” which was often displayed up on the main signage, and in the front windows. It’s to the point now that they’re all called organic deli’s and they’re literally everywhere, on pretty much every corner of the 5 Burroughs


For this year’s Porcfest, I thought that I would chef up some top shelf cannabis infused foods, and see how it goes.


While the attendees at porcfest represent a number of different ideologies, spheres of influence, walks of life, political affiliations, and those kind of things, I think it’s safe to say that an underlying and unifying principle of those who tend to come year after year, seems to be that of the individual being able to live as such, and and then of course, their right to life, liberty, and prosperity. The pursuit of Happiness even.


or “To have Liberty In our lifetime”, to borrow the campaign slogan from the Ron Paul inspired movent, of his presidential runs in 2008 and 2012.


The free state project in those days was more or less exactly aligned with the so called “Liberty platform”. The common idea here being shared, is that we should be able to exchange freely, with goods and services, as well as enter into contracts with one another, without any hindrance put on us by whatever state apparatus it may be, that would seek to do such a thing.


Essentially anyone who makes the trip to porc. fest pretty much eats drinks and sleeps on Roger’s campground for the entire week and the vast majority of freedom seekers will come to what’s known as Agora Valley,


to acquire the very food and supplies that they will more or less, end up surviving on.


I decided to participate in the procurement of this years provisions, by making some cannabis infused meals available.


I was doing jasmine rice and black beans, covered in caramelized onions and with lightly grilled, red, gold, and green bell peppers, which were prepared with a very special sauce, A custom “marijuanade” I had made using some material I had grown last year. Also, I’m not sure if they were called potcakes, as an allusion to the counterpart of frying pans everywhere, or because of it’s “sounds like hot’ factor (in a pictionary way),


but in any event, I created some, what one might reefer to as flapjacks
or even perhaps, griddlecakes. Whatever the term may be, these takers were made with hemp seeds, cannabis infused coconut oil, hemp milk, organic pancake mix, and finally drenched in a specially infused maple syrup that I’ve been experimenting with over the past year or so.


I also had a number of more “common household” type items available, that I thought could be useful to have while doing all this camping.


Classic items like high percentage hand sanitizer, and top shelf bottled waters, parmesan cheese and mayonnaise. Even fresh raw vegetables, as well as a great collection of international hot sauces, and exciting snacks from foreign lands, not to mention the ramen cups … lots of ramen cups.


and of course, all the items I could find that include that terp Myrcene


Just for fun, and hopefully some de-stigmatization too, I had even put out a bunch of
large packages of hemp seeds and particular individual quarts of hemp milk for sale.


I gotta say finding a ton of hemp derived products was a lot easier than it probably sounds,


as that long time veteran of porcfest and cannabis advocacy, the very popular Hempzels and their team, out of Lancaster Pennsylvania, were there once again, and with their signature seeds and mustard and of course that staple of sustenance, the iconic Hempzel itself, their flagship pretzel product.


We actually place orders with the folks at Hempzels pretty frequently, and unlike the typical boring supermarket junk we have to actually go out and get, their food comes to us. We love it so much.


As good as all the Hempzel stuff is, the actual dude, Mr Hempzel, or Shawn, is the best and is a bone a-fide walking wealth of information. Over the years Porcfest, he has somehow, established a sort of community, one that gathers annually and typically around his warm and welcoming little eating area,


complete with both kinds of jams, picnic tables and packed bowls. There’s even daily 4:20 meetups.


While not everybody partakes in the good herb, the folks who are into cannabis tend to find each other quickly because of the Hempzel site


which, by the way, definitely puts out some of the best food going at the event.


Supreme Hempzellor Shawn offers a regular salty pretzel, the kind typically served in the park with spicy mustard, as well as a cinnamon variety, that’s more like a dessert.


He also has sandwiches available and cannabis derived products full of CBD, such as breakfast bars and number of different beverages.


He thankfully has become a staple of the un-statist summer session.


I can’t wait to get back to porcfest this coming year, and the tickets are going quick, I guess. I’m looking forward to meeting up with Shawn “Hempzels”, and everybody else over in Lancaster New Hampshire for the best week of the year, In My High Opinion.

Porcfest …Highly Recommended !

Forever rest in peace our mighty brother, Shem Kellogg