“Oui, did it!” -The pot-een OG

“Oui, did it!” -The pot-een OG

One of my favorite ways to have a quick session is to pull the “I’m going for a quick ride” move at lunch break. The bowl on the way in, and the blunt on the way out are great, but the “lunchtime climb” is Ichi ban! (working on my Japanese)


I was able to score some Northern Lights that came out great


what I like to do is like , you know, haha


pack it in my Incredibowl m 420 mini steamroller.while I cruise around and listen to jams. Today it’s Primus


I like french fries and mashed potatoes and gravy and things like that so naturally pouteen fries are something I enjoy.


My own rich heritage includes folks from Eastern side of Canada. I’ve even been in Montreal pretty high eating french fries covered in gravy, and an assault of cheese curds,


so when I saw this bright red little poutine trailer recently on the side of the road out in south eastern Mass I have to admit that I did pull over and I did order the O.G. without asking any relevant questions


there’s no due diligence, punchy, with a dude dillin’ with a munchy


Now Poutine seems to have emerged in Quebec Cannada, in about this 1950s, but now poutine has become internationally a well known dish, there’s even festivals to poutine in US States like New Hampshire


and The Poutine Peddlers are making the dish the right way.

The Poutine Peddlers HighlyRecommended