When mundane Monday becomes taco Tuesday ....just like that

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08641371-7262-4611-9BEE-F7FB2BBA6CFD.jpegMonday becomes taco Tuesday ...just like that. So it occurs to me that it’s Tuesday 1:43 am and I can go to Harvard Square to get tacos ...obviously I’m going to do that, But not without first packing up the incredibowl with some Bangi freeze.403E5482-61C4-41FF-938F-512F85D7D98F.jpeg
What I like about the incredibowl is that it’s a pocket steamroller. Huge hits..very satisfying ...Light it once and it stays lit and the thing pretty much looks like a vape pen, although these days the vapes have become suspect.

Anyway I finally made it to El Jefe’s and I ended up going with the chimichangas for $6.50 with beans and rice and they were very very good let me tell you009DAA04-C547-4797-B9B1-CE3A1F32AB6E.jpeg

Well I had to hurry up and smoke all that weed because it’s a raining too much so now back in the car.

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Welcome to Smoke! Hope to hear more about your stoned adventures👌


Thank you so much