Really Dough: Kanes is a heluva Drug

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last year

About 10 minutes from Boston’s Logan Airport is a donut shop, Kane’s.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]’s been there for a while and everyone in the area knows about it. Famous for giant coffee rolls the size your actual head.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

It’s to the point when people say, have you been to Kanes?( regionally a stupid question) they are likely to get upset if you haven’t And will likely demand you go with them immediately.

[photo by JoeySLLiks] the way if you would ever want to meet for 4:20 at Kanes on a Saturday /Sunday
[photo by Joey SLLiks]

I’ll likely be there “blazing some amazing” in the parking lot.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

Today was no different. Got some Pineapple Chunk from my dude, and gotta say the B.B.M. (Boston Black Market) Is getting it in. Dudes selling weed and living out of cars have websites and legit packaging. Lol interesting times we are in for sure.

[photo by JoeySLLiks]

Oh yeah I got honey lemon and honey jelly. Guess which one I’m saving til later....nope.

[photo by Joey SLLiks]

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